Working with businesses to ensure a happy, healthy workforce

Creating an open conversation around mental health in the workplace

One in four people suffer from a mental health issue each year, so it is important to support your staff in creating a safe and happy working environment - especially during these times of uncertainty surrounding Covid-19.

I offer full and half days of one-to-one sessions with employees to discuss the personal issues they are struggling with in their work life, providing tools and techniques to take control of their stress or anxieties and create a plan to make working from home more efficient and effective.

Each session will last for 20 minutes via Zoom. The private session will start with an opportunity for your employee to chat confidentially with me about what they are struggling with and what they would like help managing. Whether it is work-related stress, anxieties surrounding Covid-19 or struggling to find a routine working from home for the first time, I am here to offer solutions.

Let's talk

Once I have a better idea of what would help them most, I will then offer the best stress, anxiety and time management techniques to help with the issue. I may also set tasks or offer tools that they can take away to work on in their own time to get the most from the session.

Take action

I strongly believe that everybody experiences their issues in a unique way. For that reason I do not work in a 'one size fits all' model. This is why I will work with each employee individually, allowing them to focus on their own specific struggles. This, in turn, helps me to offer the most valuable and bespoke tools to help resolve their issue in the fastest time possible.

Everybody's different