Career Series - Are You Pushing Yourself


10th April 2018 - 2 min read

How often have you daydreamed of your corner office? Leading a team or driving a company car? Maybe your dreams are more easily attainable, the job up from your current role, better hours and higher pay, more responsibility and authority within your company.

As humans, we tend to be future-minded. Forgetting to live in the now and focusing on our future goals. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Having goals and targets is an important part of working our way through life, moving up corporate ladders and creating wealth and betterment for our families. It can be exciting to dream of where our careers might go and it gives meaning behind the hours we put in, knowing that one day we will reap the benefits.

We’re living in a fast paced and difficult time however. Anxiety is at an all time high and working hours seem to have no limits. We are not allowing ourselves the time we need to recharge and switch off and competition for top jobs is rife.

All of this can make it incredibly hard to maintain the passion we have to get the top jobs. Have you seen your dream job advertised only to talk yourself out of even applying?

“I’m not good enough”

“they won’t want me”

“so many people will apply there’s not even any point in trying”

These sort of negative thoughts can be hard to ignore and when suffering from anxiety and lack of confidence they are not easy to shift. The more we allow negative thoughts to infiltrate our minds the more they will come. So how can you fight back?

The simple answer is ‘just do it’… If you can push yourself despite these thoughts to make the first tiny step — stepping up at a meeting with an idea, sending off your CVto a job application. Whatever it is, making the first step will begin to dent the doubts. It will have a snowball affect, the more dents you knock into the negative thought, the smaller it will become. Hammering away with tiny dents will slowly dissolve the negativity until you notice the thoughts are no longer there.

“What the thinker thinks, the prover proves” very much comes into play here. If we were to follow the negative thought pattern “I am not good enough” it will be proven so. Don’t allow these negative thoughts to control your life, don’t prove them right, fight back.

If you feel your mind is stopping you from chasing your dream career, get in touch to see how working with me could help you.



Lili trained and qualified as a cognitive hypnotherapist and certified NLP practitioner at The Quest Institute, at Regent’s University in London.