Lili Sinclair-Williams

Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Coach

Do you want to experience life with a fresh perspective, breaking free from anxiety, fears, phobias or self doubt?

If so, I can help.

I provide Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching in Islington, London and online via Zoom and I'm here to help you get out of your own way and create the fulfilling life you deserve. I help people discover their inner confidence and find the key to unlocking lasting happiness and change in their lives.

If you want to discover this for yourself, let's chat.



Anxiety and panic attacks are incredibly common and are just one way for our unconscious minds to protect us from perceived threats. Cognitive Hypnotherapy helps you to

re-frame your unconscious so it can treat these situations like any other, allowing you to enjoy your life and the opportunities it brings.


I don't consider any phobias to be too trivial or too small. To the person experiencing them they can be debilitating. The good news is that we

can change the way the mind experiences that fear and help to free you from it, allowing you

to experience life to the fullest.


Want to go for that promotion but don't have the confidence to put yourself forward? You are not alone. With Cognitive Hypnotherapy, we can replace negative and unwanted thoughts to open up a whole world of possibilites to you. You already have the power to believe in yourself - I will give you the tools to bring the power out.


Want to quit smoking, drinking or gambling? You are not alone. Working together, we can get to the cause of your addiction and change the patterns, allowing you to live a positive life that could lead to better relationships, career opportunities and a healthier lifestyle.


What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

The QCH approach is significantly different from the traditional schools of Hypnotherapy. There will be no swinging pendulums or pocket watches in our sessions.

Drawing on recent discoveries and ideas from Evolutionary Psychology, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Theory and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, QCH has developed a modern idea of hypnosis to provide a framework for therapy. I do not advocate one single approach as the answer to all of life’s problems.

By incorporating a large range of techniques drawn from different disciplines that have been found to be the most effective tools for change so far, QCH has moulded them into an approach tailored for your specific needs.

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